Construction, involving any improvement or alteration to real property (“real estate”), including demolition work to clear a site, is subject to all of the principles and doctrines of law, under the broad, general classification of Construction Law.

Construction law may represent improvements of all sizes and complexity from basic, residential work, to enormous, complex projects of hydroelectric impoundment and generation, city planning, and mass transportation. While construction law cuts across a broad spectrum of laws, it is still closely interrelated with many of the traditionally recognized principals and doctrines of the law, including: real property, contracts, torts, business organizations, labour, tax, and (possible) conflicts of laws.

Khawla Saeed Advocates & Legal Consultants provide services and resolves cases in the following area of construction law:

  • Construction bids and bonds
  • Construction completion
  • Construction change orders
  • Construction charges for reclamation
  • Property law in construction
  • Approvals, licensing, and planning
  • Employment law in construction
  • Payment disputes
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